Lead long and prosper - lead joyfully!

There is hardly a roof from which the sparrows have not already whistled: the more challenging the times are, the more important your role as a leader becomes. Of course: As a leader you have always been asked to go the 'extra mile' outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. So that you don't lose sight of the joy of your job, responsibility and leadership in the sweat of your brow, there is now our Spellcast: Lead long and prosper!

Actually, you might think, effective leadership is not magic: Tried and tested craftsmanship combined with a positive attitude and healthy curiosity - there you go! The remarkable number of books, seminars and training courses on the subject, however, speaks a different language - quite obviously, effective leadership is not a foregone conclusion. Which is also in line with our experience. And there is another point that still gets far too little attention in the discussion about effective leadership: joy.

Three experienced experts - Sabine Schmittroth, Achim Plückebaum, Hans-Joachim Spreng - look forward to welcoming outstanding top leaders as guests to talk about their career journey and the course they set in it. Our discussion format will ensure that success factors are clearly identified and translated into concrete, usable recommendations for action. We spell leadership: the Spellcast!

The end result will be a compendium of useful hacks for everyday as well as dicey leadership situations.

There will be a new episode on the 1st of every month. We look forward to your listening and feedback at spellcast.leadlongandprosper@gmail.com!


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